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The pure innocence of life seen in a child’s eyes ebbs ever outward as the ocean’s waters withdraw before the arrival of a tsunami. The imprint is sunken into the abyss of the unconscious from the invocations of organized religion, the corruptions present in political and social orders, the oppressions of natural acts imposed upon us by governmental bodies and world power players to establish a fear and inhibition in life that projects illusions of reality rather than reality itself. It is a fait accompli. The loss of innocence. The inescapable engraving of life. Eloquent presentations on such matters were given to us by writers such as William Blake in his “Songs of Innocence and Experience” and before him Milton in “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained”.

Those of us who choose to examine more than the obvious! That delve into the reasons for existence itself are always confronted with the imponderable questions concerned with purpose. God teases us with tidbits of eternity; an earthly finite lesson related in some bizarre way to the temptations of Christ. The mind and its immense potential gives one insight into all the escape routes from the physical illusions that impose prison sentences on us all. Bounded yet unbounded; how do we get there. To that moment, that point of existence that gives us all the site of the infinite. What work is this that must be our true purpose. A chance to share and own our inheritance from our Creator.

These sentences, these words, are not just an exercise in eloquence of thought presentation. These words are the only way I have to present the thoughts that were given to me so I could share my journey with others. These thoughts do not belong to me alone. We all share them. Maybe in sharing them we choose different ways to express them; but, I am certain that no matter what language you choose, the same shared thought has been repeated millions of times in statements such as: THERE HAS TO BE MORE THAN THIS!

The Creator periodically gives us modern day prophets. Not the biblical ones we have come to know in religious teachings but rather prophets as to the great potential our Creator has given us to join Him or Her in the infinite journey. Some of these people are familiar names such as: Alexander the Great, Niccolo Machiavelli, Martin Luther, Rene Descartes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emmanuel Kant, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Francis Lewis, Abraham Lincoln, Emile Zola, Paul Cezanne, Auguste Renoir, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Michael DeBakey, Robert Frost, Steven Jobs, William Gates and the list goes on. These people are our prophets, our forecasters of the possible. They permit us to view our escape from the trite and mundane events of day to day existence. They are not necessarily our heroes or even those we look up to but they are real human beings that we can relate to and not those with long robes and beards that are expected to say wise words to direct us. These people are our look at potential beyond the physical world; a view of the infinite expanse of the Universe; a chance to share in an energy force that has been added to and never depleted. These prophets and ALL MANKIND are welcomed to touch and join this immense body of energy. Ever present; always willing to share the infinite views of life and all we need to do is reach out and accept its gifts. Jump and grab for those things we cannot see; leave your doubts behind and trust that there is truly much more in the Universe of Eternal Energy if you are open to the realities beyond our senses.

The poems that follow are not meant as other than a diary relating an individual journey through life. A presentation of trips that have shown how I learned to reach out and touch that energy source. They have no intent to leave one with a message or a lesson but rather to present a fragmented overview, in a hopefully harmonic way, as to a sometimes tortuous road aimlessly followed in the pursuit to find a purpose from early teen years to the present. At least for this author the poems presented reflect memories of trips taken that moved from a more concrete version of life to one less tied to the physical world. It is about moving beyond my senses and experiencing the wonder that is the infinite.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    “In reading these poems one can’t help but be touched by the experiences of the writer. A chord is struck in everyone and the ring of truth can’t be ignored.
    It is the poetry of humanity: truthful, emotion evoking, and a guide for the potential of the human being. Take a chance and let your mind guide your actions.”
    James Canfield Roberts
    A Friend, Author, Teacher, and Physician

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