Todd, James Scotty

4Has an early music writing and musician background throughout the 80’s. Scotty hails from a multi-medium history that is covered with awards and honorable mentions. His scholarship earned him an Associates Degree in digital animation which led to a B.A. in Studio Art at prestigious Cal State University. Early on he discovered his passion for Fine Art through raw hands on painting and sculpture that was shown at various gallery exhibitions in LA. Today his art is mostly influenced by his energetic and visceral reactions that are initiated from his cosmic reflections of the human psyche. Scotty has chosen to stay out of the formal studio situation in appreciation for all the human contact as a beach artist. All of his work, both whimsical and cosmic are created on the boardwalk in Venice Beach. If one is a mind to you can enter into some pretty deep conversation about the universe and the influence it has on his more serious visual presentations.