Rehm, Eddie

“The modern/post-modern will not consist of perfect execution but of a concept analogous to the moral of the times”.  As Eddie Rehm is so goes his traditional bio and his feeling about his art is stated in the above quote. For Rehm art is therapeutic, a way to work through the loss of friends, family, and what he calls the startling conflictions he has endured. He uses his emotions to convey his feelings about his life story of abandonment, depravity, belligerence, confliction, death, slander, divorce, bankruptcy, loss of home and job and on and on. Rehm considers what he has created in his art to be the result of “soul tripping” and finding himself again. The art has released him from being submerged in the situations that he has confronted in life and permits him to look at the situations with a clearer pair of eyes. He feels no shame about the way he has conducted his life in the past and won’t keep his life a secret from the world. He is intrigued by the whys in his life and knows that they exist until the day you die. He is on his own journey to push past the life he has experienced and reach for an answer to his questions about life that is his own answer and not those contrived by the digging hands of those around him or near him.