Martino, Lisa Elaine

3Born in the late 50’s in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York she showed her predilection for the arts in grade school being known as the “class poet” and the “class artist”. She would doodle and make pen drawings with abstract shapes and fill in the space created with marker pen or watercolors. In middle school she exhibited an almost OCD like performance of drawings of buildings to scale. In high school Lisa’s art came to a standstill and was replaced almost entirely by creative writing. This lasted into her 20’s and 30’s during which period she wrote lyrics, collaborated with musicians, and performed her songs in coffee houses and clubs in Syracuse, New York. When her son was born she again started to paint and he was the subject of most of her painting, poetry, and lyric writing. In 1979, at the age of 22, she visited Venice Beach for the first time and began to recite her poetry and sing on the boardwalk. Her wanderlust took her back and forth from one coast to the other until she finally committed herself to Venice Beach in 2008. Her last six years has been filled with an evolving art style that is characterized by her rich imagination and love for the muses and the freedom she has achieved in moving to the west coast. She lives in her art laden van and makes her way to the boardwalk everyday to set up her real life studio next to the Pacific and under the swaying palms.