Leonardo, Pierina Camurati

Mrs. Leonardo was born on September 18, 1919 and is 95 years young. She spent most of her young and adult life in Queens County, New York. She attended the Traphagen School of Design in the 1930’s and spent her early years designing and creating clothing for haute couture collections in New York City. in the 1950’s she began to paint oil canvases and watercolors with a concentration in still life paintings, most especially flowers. As time went on she shifted gears and today spends her time painting small watercolors and whimsical pieces that are both useful and beautiful gifts for all to enjoy. One of her specialties is hand painted Christmas balls with familiar scenes of Long Island. They have grown in popularity and now are shipped not only around the United States but also to several European countries. Recently she began to paint full canvases again and is working in both watercolor and acrylic and concentrates on both still life and seascapes.