Husband,Kenneth Ian

Husband was born on Long Island, New York and lived most of his life in Patchogue yet traveled and worked at a number of different jobs from creating neon light signs to fishing on Alaskan fishing boats. From the age of 5 Kenneth and his father would frequent local art museums and galleries and his father would explain in great detail the extensive history of art, as well as the different styles and meanings of the works they saw. For a short period of time Husband studied the fine arts but had to give it up when he was faced with financial challenges. Art, for Husband, has always been a way for him to escape the harsh realities of life; however, as the demands of life increased it robbed him of the time he needed to devote himself to his art. At one point in his life all things went wrong and Husband lost everything. He broke both of his wrists, lost his job, his long time girlfriend left him  and he was forced to move back into his parents home in Patchogue, New York. But as the sad realities of his life took hold his passion for art grew exponentially and pushed him to a new level of creation. His approach to art changed and for him the realization that his emotions should dictate the movement of his brush and that he did not have to control the movement of the paint on his canvas was a paradigm shift for his life’s work. Husband has had several NYC solo shows as well as shows in Chicago and Milwaukee. He is a member of the South Bay Artists Association, the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council, the Plymouth Center for the Arts, and Sherboygan’s Visual Artists. He and his family have moved to Pennsylvania in early 2015 since they lost their home in Patchogue related to Hurricane Sandy.