Guido, Daniel

Daniel Guido was born June 10, 1975 in Queens, New York and creates paintings, drawings, and conceptual artworks. He looks to increase the personal dynamic between the observer of his works and the creator of the works. He has now come to a point where he objectifies his emotions and investigates the duality that develops through different interpretations. His works represent the concrete age but also shows off the ideas that can only be shown through a piece of art. His works are, at times, somewhat confusing, since no one special approach can be seen; however, in it all there is an unavoidable intimacy within the framework that portrays itself to the viewer. All things are fair game for this artist and he uses just about anything he can get his hands on to create his works whether it be an old door, used desk top, old discarded poster, or an old box. Recently he has moved to use spray paints, not unlike the Graffiti artists, to present his creations. Through all of his works his personal struggles can be seen intermingling with a present life that has shown itself to him to be disappointing, exciting, rewarding and challenging. At 40 he continues to experiment with his art by using new and exciting media whenever it becomes available to him. The horizons have not been realized as yet for this yet to be seasoned artist.