Kerry, Thomas

Kerry called his art “as it was and is American Art”. He was born in Manhattan, N.Y. and lived and worked through both the 20th and 21st centuries. He started his career as an art restorer in Long Island. He is most known for his open barn scenes and straw bonnet girls but painted any scene that showed off American life in its action and at its rest.

He studied at Christ Studio upon his discharge from the Navy at age 19. The courses were aimed at teaching restoration of world famous paintings and fine antique china. The Studio represented insurance companies and he qualified people for fine art policies. Kerry spent years as a world renowned restorer for original works created by Dali, Canaletto, Gainsborough and many others. As time passed he continued to restore for many well known galleries and museums; however, he received most of his recognition when he began to paint his own works and is now found in a number of museums throughout the country as well as many private collections. His studio was based in his home in Baldwin, New York and he painted in the basement as that was the only full sized space he could afford. His works are instantly recognizable and show the exactness of a draftsman with a touch of the real feel of Long Island life. His style is a mix of realism, naturalism, and he paints as a representational artist. A blade of grass becomes something you could feel as you entered into his works of art, and the open barn doors could leave you hearing the creak of the wood as they moved. In all, Kerry was a master at providing viewers with a very real look into Long Island life and the lives of Americans. His art was available at shows, his gallery in Huntington Station, New York, and periodically in Long Island malls and he could be found with his distinctive attire with a seaman’s cap and a look like Captain Quint from Jaws. We are pleased to offer some of his works for sale on our site. All were painted using oil paints and on a canvas or a masonite board.